Solar Powered Vehicles- The Ultimate Future of Transportation and the Present Rage

What are solar vehicles? Let us know their definition in simple first. The sunlight powers the solar vehicles. The Photo Voltaic cells in the solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy. These cars reduce the use of fossil fuels and help in protecting the environment against depletion. The functioning of these vehicles depends on power requirement, the design of the solar cell, heating, and air conditioning.

Can you guess which factor plays the dominant role in the efficient functioning of these vehicles? Ok, guesses apart, the primary factor is the shape. The motto is to reduce friction due to drag and shape must have maximum exposure to sunlight.

Let us now discuss a few advantages and disadvantages of using solar-powered vehicles.


  • Low maintenance
  • Less noise
  • No emissions
  • No running expense
  • Utilization of full power irrespective of the speed


  • Parts are expensive
  • Building cost is high
  • Charging is a problem if there is no sunlight for days
  • Lack of high speed

There will be a few disadvantages in every aspect, but when advantages overshadow the drawbacks, it’s better to go for it.

“Any species that devours its natural environment will eventually fall victim to the resulting silence, and it is EXTINCTION” is a perfect quote on environmental degradation these days. Before it turns into reality, it’s better we open our eyes and go green. Let us concentrate on the advantages rather than the disadvantages and we, humans are intellectual right?
So, in the course of time, we will bring in modifications to make the solar-powered vehicles flawless.

Comforts in driving the solar-powered vehicles:

  • These vehicles are lighter than the regular ones.
  • They have a quicker response time like they turn and stop fast.
  • They operate with no or minimal noise avoiding noise pollution.
  • The vibrations caused are lesser.
  • They are smaller in size, but their capacity might be equivalent to their petroleum driven counterparts.

Get riddance from fuel costs:

Though they are costlier to build, later the expenses on them will be quite less than the petroleum-driven vehicles. Sunlight is abundant and is available free of cost. We need not depend on external sources of fuel. So, we will also have the satisfaction that we are playing our role in the conservation of the environment.

Restricting harmful emissions from vehicles:

Since no fuel is burnt in the running of solar-powered vehicles, there will be no emissions that cause depletion of the Ozone layer. The Greenhouse effect is a process by which radiation from our planet’s atmosphere warms up the atmosphere of the planet causing a rise in the temperature. To avoid the Greenhouse effect, we have to increase the use of solar vehicles.

Preserving natural resources:

Since they do not use oil or petroleum, there will be no pollution, and in turn, we can save fossil fuels by the usage of forever available sunlight. As the saying goes, ‘’Conservation of natural resources is a fundamental problem. Unless we solve that, it will avail us little to solve all others.”

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