Solar Power And Its Advantages

It is a well-known fact that traditional sources of fuel such as coal and natural gas is dwindling and is also a cause for pollution and many health issues. Due to its rising cost, nonavailability due to its limited resources and increased concerns on climate changes due to these fuels, many organizations are looking at alternative forms of energy like the solar, wind and water which are a clean and pure form of energy. Of these three renewable sources of energy, solar power seems the most feasible. Our houses We can install solar panels on and use the heat generated to power our everyday appliances like the water heater, washing machine, etc.

First, before we delve into the benefits of solar power, let us understand how it works.

Working with solar power generators: To generate the solar power we should install solar panels on the roof of our houses. The process of converting solar power to energy is as below.

  • Solar panels are used to collect the photons from the sun
  • These photons when it comes in contact with the solar panels create a direct current
  • An inverter is built in that converts the direct current and alternating current (AC) and this AC is what the appliances use to power up.
  • This AC is then routed to supply electricity to our homes.
  • Excess electricity is then stored in the batteries for future use. In case the energy generated is not enough, power is either taken from the batteries or the electrical grid.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Environmental benefits:

  • It is a renewable resource: Solar energy is renewable unlike other resources like oil. Sun does not run out which means that the power to your house also will not have any problems. It can be used without it depleting and hence we should start harnessing it.
  • Pollution free: With the use of fossil fuels, there is the excessive emission of CO2, and other harmful gases and electricity production is the primary reason for global warming. But the same is not valid with sun’s energy, irrespective of whether we use it for power generation or not it does not release pollutants into the air.
  • Improves public health: Coal and other natural gas plants release harmful gases when they are burnt, and this is known to cause a lot of health issues like breathing problems, cancer, heart attacks, etc. When we replace such fuels with renewable energy like the solar power, it can reduce such instances of health issues and the overall costs of public health.

Financial benefits:

  • Savings in electricity bill: You can make savings on your statement, and also wholly eliminate a significant portion of that expense for the next decade. Though the initial cost of installation is a bit high, you will not have to pay anything else to harness it.
  • Better resale value: When you install a solar panel on your roof, the resale value of your house