Solar Energy As A Source Of Future Power

We are soon to reach a stage where all our non-renewable sources of energy like coal and crude oil are going to be entirely exhausted. Harnessing the power from renewable sources of energy has become a necessity today more than ever before. There are chances of facing severe consequences in the future if we do not stand for it today. It is every human’s responsibility to take a step towards switching to the use of renewable energy resources. We keep reading about so many of them like solar energy, tidal energy, hydro energy and wind energy.

Solar energy has become one of the most popular sources of energy at home these days. In everybody’s locality, we have some families who have a solar-energy connection at home. Though solar energy seems a great way to use a renewable source of energy, there are quite a few glitches that are scientifically involved with solar power. Problems of uncertain weather condition during rain and winters are a significant issue in using solar power. However, since it is one of the easiest ways to harness the renewable sources of energy at home let us try to know about it more closely.

The current scenario of solar energy:

Solar systems can be installed in our houses very quickly. The solar panel that comprises of photovoltaic cells that convert solar into electrical power comes with a lasting guarantee of more than 20 years. Therefore, the return on investment is a guaranteed feature of the product. People usually keep a battery that can be charged by solar energy in the daytime to provide electricity during the night time when there is no sunlight. Apart from personal usage, solar cells are widely used by top corporate in their commercial buildings. Solar-powered vehicles, road lights, and other similar kinds of stuff have come a lot in use in the recent times.

Future challenges for this amazing technology:

  • We have not been able to produce a high-performance car that can be operated using solar energy.
  • The cost of the photovoltaic cell is still very high as its use has not yet got sufficiently diversified.
  • There is a need to manufacture high-efficiency PV cells that can harness as much solar energy as possible in the daytime to be utilized at other times when sunlight is not there. There can be a development like a silicon chip that can absorb a higher amount of solar energy for the same chip area.

Are We Future Ready?

With the changing dynamics of energy utilization, solar energy is a high opportunity field for the future. Sun’s power is the most abundantly available natural energy on our planet. On top of everything, it is one source that works with the least number of limitations and can be installed for personal use in every house. It will create a sustainable environment for our future generations. Scientists are working on Graphene cells for solar panels that will be capable of extracting solar energy even in challenging conditions.

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