Interesting Solar Energy Facts

More often we ask ourselves ‘Why is solar energy important?’ and fail to realize the abundance of solar energy that is available to us on our planet. Though we have learned that solar power seems to be the trend in renewable energy, it is time for us to know more facts about the solar energy. After reading this short write up, you will really appreciate the potential and applications of this phenomenal energy supply which we can tap it easily and use it for the world community at large.

Know the truth

Our entire world population uses approximately 550 exajoules of energy every year. This is equivalent to 520 Quadrillion BTU’s per year. According to the scientific findings, the entire mass, atmosphere and oceans of planet Earth receive approximately 4,000,000 exajoules of energy every year from the Sun’s rays. From the said date anyone can justify the real reason why the solar energy industry across the world is busy in improving the processes to harness solar power from the sun’s rays. The experts from the Desertec Foundation theorize another interesting fact that by covering 1 percent of our world’s desert environment with solar panels, we could able to power up our whole planet Earth.

Historical solar energy facts

The usage of solar power by our human race has been there from the ancient civilizations where our ancestors have been using it in one form or another. Amidst the crowd of modern thinkers, Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to find the industrial usage of solar power to heat water. Later is the arrival of the findings of photovoltaic experimentation with electrolytic cells by Edmond Becquerel, a French national in 1839. This invention was followed by Clarence Kemp, who invented and patented the design of world’s first solar-powered water heater in 1894.

The dawn of the twentieth century has given a great boost to many scientists across the world in recognizing the importance of solar power and resulted in various developments in all parts of the world. The year 1913 has witnessed the world’s first thermal power station built by Frank Shuman, and it was fueled by water heated from the mirrors reflecting the sun rays to drive the 65 HP engine. Thanks to the efforts of Bell Laboratories the PV solar cells were invented in 1954.

Some of the other amazing facts about solar energy

  • Solar energy produces eighty percent less carbon emission than the traditional fossil fuels like coal, oil etc.
  • Solar panels convert sun rays into electricity. By using a standard solar panel comprising of 60 solar cells, we can generate around 5 watts of power in our homes.
  • All the solar power systems installed in the roof are grounded to earth in order to protect from lightening.
  • The solar industry has shown a growth rate of 55%annually in comparison with the 5% growth of telecom industry in America. USA, China and Japan account two-thirds of the solar power market in the world.

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