How to Boost Your Solar Power Efficiency

World scientists, at last, have agreed to convey the hard message to the world community that fossil fuel will not last forever. It has been concluded that this fuel is not only finite but also depleting fast because of global warming and other environments issues. Burning fossil fuels like coal or even oil taken out from the sea beds cause severe pollutants into the environment.

Hence solar energy seems to be the best option to make use of supportable and even renewable nature’s resources to produce energy. Apart from cost-effective, solar panels can be installed to gather sunlight and thereby convert it into energy which can be a source for creating electricity. However, there are various views and criticisms spread around the world about solar energy efficiency.

Solar Energy Technology

According to the technologists, sun energy can be tapped in two ways, namely converting solar energy into electricity and use the energy for the heating benefits. By using the photovoltaic cells in the form of solar panels and silicon semiconductors electricity can be produced from the sun rays. Water heating can be achieved by reflecting mirrors to boil water in our homes.

However, there are many challenges while providing the solar thermal system regarding offering a wide area, even though this conversion system is better efficient than converting thermal energy into electricity. It is for this reason; most of the homes prefer the compact solar panels which can be easily installed on the roof tops.

Efficiency of solar power and other threats

In spite of many homes around the world are switching to solar power panels and solar water heating systems, the solar power industry is facing many challenges. Though solar power systems operate with more than seventy prevent efficiency, the storing ability of solar batteries cannot rely for long hours especially during the cold weather seasons when the sun energy becomes weak during the entire season. One we need to use the utility network which we have been using for long years, where instant power is assured to our homes, especially during the winter times.

Increasing the solar panel efficiency

Solar panel suppliers are constantly working to improve the overall efficiency of the solar cells or panels. Interestingly, the busbars offer some shade to the light reflected and reduce the energy conversion significantly. Manufacturers are developing these busbars into thin wire