How Effective Are Solar Powered Cars?

Utilization of solar power has become a hot trend in recent years. To tell in simple terms solar power is nothing but the power obtained from the sunlight. Today, the solar power is used for various applications like water heaters, light bulbs, etc. Solar powered cars are the most recent development in the industry. These cars have photovoltaic panels, which absorbs the sunlight and transforms into the energy required for running the cars.

Utilization of solar energy avoids the needs of gas or fuel, which are not only expensive but also contributes to the pollution. As sunlight is the high renewable energy source, the solar car can help the planet’s environment effectively. The solar panels are highly noiseless and hence they do not contribute to noise pollution. Additionally, these solar panels do not generate greenhouse gases.

However, the solar cars have some limitations. At present, the solar technology for the car hasn’t developed to such as extent that these cars can be used only for traveling a short distance. This is because there the solar panels require lots of sunlight during the daytime for the operation. However, the technology is rapidly evolving that time for making long distance solar cars not very far away.

The engineers and scientist are working hard to make the solar-powered cars predominant in the market for some good reasons. At present, the motor vehicles are the major contributor of the CO2 gas. There is lots of environmental depletion in the process of making extracting the crude and the combustion of auto fuel. This could be averted significantly only making use of the solar energy, which is renewable, non-combustible and pollution-free.

At present, the solar technology, in the USA, is incorporated in racing cars. These cars have smaller cockpits to make the vehicle light and give more space to accommodate the photovoltaic panels, which are very expensive. However, these cars run so fast and do not cause any pollution.

Throughout the world, very few numbers of solar cars were made for general public. However, these cars were a smaller size and would work for a short commute. Some reputable car manufacturers have made the electric hybrid car, which has an optional solar roof that provides power for few miles.

There are few challenges in making the solar-powered cars being ideal for practical use. There are lots of photovoltaic cells required to gather the solar energy required for pulling big cars with many passengers. This is the reason why most existing solar powered cars are able to accommodate one or two passengers. Moreover, the exposure of sunlight is also another bigger concern. Unlike big buildings, it is not possible for a solar-powered car to travel or rest always under the sunlight, thereby limiting the chances of constantly utilizing the sunlight.

To store more energy, there is a need for large battery back. This battery back not only requires more space, but also contributes to added weight. The cost of solar panels is expensive right now, thereby making the cost of the cars go high. It is sure that solar powered cars are going to become the future.

Solar Energy in Auto Applications

The various industry is increasing make use of the solar energy for many good reasons. In very recent years, the auto industry has been increasingly trying to use the solar energy. Currently, auto industry stands top when it comes to using the fossil fuels and resulting environmental pollution. Cars, SUVs and trucks are emitting lots of Carbon gases, which are severely affecting the environment.

The auto industry is constantly researching to find the possible ways to use the solar energy in the vehicles. For example, photovoltaic cells are good in powering the car’s ventilation system, which can keep the drivers and passengers cool during the summer. However, the photovoltaic cells, at present, are not capable of charging the whole car. However, the scientists are finding the ways to make use of the solar energy to charge the whole electrical system of the car. There is nothing to wonder, if one sees cars and automobiles running solely using the solar energy.

Nowadays, you can see many buildings have solar paneled installed on the top of the roof or on the walls to make use of sunlight. Such panels can greatly work for the buildings, as the panels are more exposed to the sunlight. This is the reason why buildings are efficiently make use of the solar energy. This same principle does not work with cars as they cannot be constantly kept under the sunlight.

There are many technologies and techniques available for tapping the sunlight for solar power applications and we will look into some of them. Concentrating Solar Power plants make use of mirrors or lenses, which effectively helps in creating concentrated sunlight.

Solar Thermal Power Plants make use of the Solar Thermal collectors, which are used for heating the water for light industrial and domestic applications.

Photovoltaic technology is a relatively new technology that helps to convert the solar energy into electricity. This technology greatly helps in recharging batteries and powering various equipment. Many pocket calculators contain one solar cell, while the large applications make use of multiple solar cells in the form of an array. These are called solar arrays, which are used for powering the orbiting satellites, spacecraft, etc.

The solar car of recent times makes use of solar panels installed on the top surface of the car. Due to the space constraint, very few solar panels are installed, which is not sufficient for a car to travel long distance. This is the reason why the existing solar cars are ideal for short commuting purpose.

Use of solar energy in auto irrigation system has received lots of positive response from the farmers. The agricultural field requires routine water irrigation for proper growth. However, the summertime the farmers face lots of challenges with irrigation due to lack of water availability and the lack of constant power supply.

The solar powered auto irrigation system does not require the electricity generated by the power grid, rather uses the solar energy available naturally. As there is plenty of sunlight available in the summer, the solar auto irrigation proved to be highly effective.

How to Cost Effectively Start a Solar Energy Business

There are many reasons why you can seriously consider starting a solar energy business. Nowadays, there is huge hue and cry on “going green”. The people have become increasingly aware of the ill effects of the combustion gases and the depleting natural resources. This is the reason why people want to make their home greener in as many ways as possible. Due to this trend, there has been huge increase in buying the solar panels among the individuals and businesses. The number is expected to increase in the days to come. So, you will have lots of many making opportunities in the future, if you start a solar energy business today.

There are many ways to start a solar energy business in a cost-effective way. As a solar energy business entrepreneur, you should be able to connect with various homeowners and provide them the options and advice on renting or buying the solar energy system. Each house or may property may need different kind of system, depending on the building’s design and structure. By becoming a solar energy consultant, you can earn money by providing advice and recommendation to the prospective buyer. Becoming a consultant can be lucrative career option due to the increasing demand.

There is no college degree required to start a solar energy business. All that you need is the interest to learn new stuff and efficient communication and negotiation skills.

As beginner solar energy consultant, you will be helped by a sales manager, who provides you an education on the solar industry and sales cycle management. As you learn and progress, you will be able to deal as a sales manager.

Registering and signing up your details is an essential step for starting your own business. The second step is undergoing the right training. As a consultant, you should be confident enough to share the information and confront the question asked by the prospective homeowners. The training helps you gain knowledge about the solar energy and related technology. The training and test tools are available for free. However, you should put lots of time and effort in learning.

You need to establish a storefront with computers and other communication devices to interact with the leads and customers. You need to have a tie-up with various solar panel manufacturers, who will provide the supplies in a timely manner.

To make your business visible to many people, you need to get do marketing. Making the business name listed in popular directories and listing is a great way to popularize your business. You should also install solar equipment in your home in all possible means. This helps you to demonstrate the efficiency of the solar-powered home to your potential customers. Prepare a “before and after” presentation of the energy costs of your home to attract the customers.

You should be able to provide plenty of solar energy options to your prospective customers approaching your business. Different customers will have different requirements based on their budget, size of the property and other factors. You should have the patience to listen to the needs of the customers, before giving the right advice.

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