How Does A Solar Panel Work?

Solar energy benefits have become very apparent to people, and many homeowners are looking to install solar panels at their homes. The main reasons for solar energy becoming popular is the impact on the environment, financial benefits, and reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Also, the cost of solar installations has reduced along with improvements in quality and efficiency makes it a viable option as an alternate source of energy. As solar power becomes mainstream it is quite natural to wonder how do solar panels work?

Solar panels working:

A solar panel has a layer of silicon cells, glass casing, frames made of metal and lots of wiring for the flow of current from the silicon cells. Silicon is a non metal which can absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. When sun’s rays hit the silicon cells, the electrons are activated and hence the current flows. That effect is called photovoltaic effect, and that is the method used in the solar panels to generate solar power.

How do solar panels work

Solar panels: These panels are made of photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight into direct current. When the sun rays hit the panels, solar power is converted into electricity, but to use that to power our homes, we will need an inverter.
Inverter: This is a device which converts direct current produced by the solar panels into AC. These inverters are installed on the wall of the garage or the exterior of your house.
Sun meter: Thus a meter is used to monitor the system production and sends the data to Sunrun wirelessly. It can detect any problems automatically as it keeps track of energy generation all the time.
Electric panel: This is the channel through which the AC that is generated from the inverter flows to our homes and powers up the appliances and lights. In case of excess energy, it can be used to route it to batteries for use at a later time.
Net meter: This measures the electricity that you can draw to your home and how much you can push for storage. When you use less power, you can get credits from the company.

Other uses of solar power

Now that we know how solar panels work, here are a few tips that can help you to harness solar energy.

  • Solar attic fan: These are fans that are used to remove heat and moisture from the attic that is in excess. These are easy to install and since these run on the solar energy they can be used when it is most needed, in summer or when the sun is beating down.
  • Solar water heaters: This is the best way to heat water for our home needs. Solar panels are fitted on the roof, and instead of using it to power your house, they will be used to heat water. There are significant savings that can be done by installing these water heaters.
  • Solar chargers: These are for small electronic devices and have mini solar panels. These chargers are best suited for charging the mobiles, laptops, and tablets all at once. They are easy to use and helps in reducing the use of electricity.

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