Find Answers To The Most Asked Questions Regarding Solar PV Systems Here!

The Solar PV systems are becoming more and more popular in households all thanks to the electricity and gas bills it saves us. But, most of the people planning to install a solar PV system in their home will have many unanswered questions probing their mind confusing them about the choice. If you are someone trying to find answers to doubts regarding solar PV systems, then we are here to provide you exactly that! Answers to the most asked questions! Let us take a quick look at the questions and answers:

What Is Solar PV System?

Solar PV system, short for the solar photovoltaic system is one that makes use of solar panels to convert sunlight to electricity efficiently. The electricity generated thus can either be used directly as a DC supply or be stored inside batteries to be used later. It can also be used through invertors to run AC appliances. They usually work without any noise and has no moving parts. They do not need any regular maintenances as there is no chance of mechanical wear and tear. They are considered as the best option for remote areas.

Where Will Be The Solar Panels Installed At Home?

The part of the roof that receives the maximum sunlight is the apt place to get the solar panels installed. It is usually kept between South East and South West hemispheres. It is placed at a thirty-degree angle and does not cause any shading.

Is My House Locality Apt For Placing Solar PV?

Good news! Solar PV can be installed both in rural and urban places. Solar PV just needs a sun on top to produce electricity. The southern areas are most suitable for placing it. Just make sure there are not too many shades and trees near your house. These might obstruct the functioning of solar PV.

How Long Will The Solar PV Systems Last?

Solar panels are specially designed to combat extreme climatic conditions like sun, strong winds and heavy rains. They come with a warranty of about twenty to twenty-five years. Usually, it lasts more than that. It doesn’t have much maintenance needs, and the manufacturers assure ninety percent efficiency for the first 10 years and eighty percent efficiency for first 20 years.

How Do We Generate Electricity From Sun?

When semiconducting materials like silicon are exposed to the rays of the sun, it releases electricity in small quantities. This process is called photoelectric process. The photoelectric effect implies the ejection or emission of electrons from metal surfaces when exposed to sunlight. It is a physical process in which the photovoltaic or solar electric cells convert sunrays to electricity.

What Are The Photovoltaic System Components?

The photovoltaic system is made of many components. It consists of a group of PV cells called PV modules or PV panels. It also consists of one or many batteries, a controller or charge regulator, an inverter, wiring, and mounting hardware. Inverters are used for utility grid-connected systems and in cases where alternating current(AC) is required than direct current(DC). The charge regulator is used for stand-alone systems.

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