Solar Energy

Solar Energy As A Source Of Future Power

We are soon to reach a stage where all our non-renewable sources of energy like coal and crude oil are going to be entirely exhausted. Harnessing the power from renewable sources of energy has become a necessity today more than ever before. There are chances of facing severe consequences in …

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Interesting Solar Energy Facts

More often we ask ourselves ‘Why is solar energy important?’ and fail to realize the abundance of solar energy that is available to us on our planet. Though we have learned that solar power seems to be the trend in renewable energy, it is time for us to know more …

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Solar Energy History-Present-Future

The concept of solar energy was introduced in a premature finding in the year 1838, when Edmund Becquerel, an observer had published his finding on the transformation of light into a different form of energy. Since no one has believed his theory, there were no actions to pursue and develop …

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