Licenses in Indian policy- Intellectual Property Rights

The MNRE or Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is the nodal minister of the Indian government and responsible for entire matters associated with renewable and new energy. The ministry works with the main aim to deploy and develop renewable and latest energy for supporting the energy needs of the …

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Is Solar Power The Future Solution?

The present condition of natural resources remaining to us is quite bothersome. With coal and other fuel sources getting extinct how are we going to produce energy in the future? Solar energy has come up us as the most viable option to cater to our energy needs in the present …

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Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

Solar energy has a lot of benefits, but the technology being used is still new. There are many imperfections and minor flaws which must be acknowledged and worked upon to make it better. Though many people focus only on the advantages, its disadvantages should not be overlooked as there is …

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