An Overview Of The Different Types Of Solar Heating System

The solar power system is becoming popular in the recent years as there are several benefits associated with it. As the conventional power generation has become expensive, the use of solar power has gained a prominent significance. There are various ways to make use of the solar heating system technology in your residence. You all may know the use of solar panels in your roofs for generating energy. You should be aware of the other types of solar heating system that you can make use of in your house based on your power requirements.
Solar heater system can be classified into two type namely active solar heat and passive solar heat. Let us know about them in detail.

Active Solar Heating

This is the common solar heating technology which most of you might be aware of. It requires the need of solar panels to be installed on the roof of your house. This solar heating technology is well suited for the building which is already constructed. These solar panels are responsible for collecting the solar energy from the sun. The solar energy collected is converted into electricity and made use for various purposes in your house. There are two types of active solar heater system. They are detailed below.

Active solar Water heating system: In this system apart from the solar panels you may require the use of solar liquid collectors which contain certain liquid. The liquid gets heated up due to the solar energy. The liquid can be water or antifreeze material. A pump is used to circulate the liquid, and it gets heated in the collector. The heated water is stored in a tank, and it can be used for household purposes. You can also make use of this heated water to pass through turbines which results in the production of mechanical energy. This is then converted into electrical energy. Active solar Air Heating system: In this heating system the solar energy absorbed by the panels are passed on to the collectors which contain air. The heat energy produced heat up the air present in the collectors of the solar system. The heated air can be passed through ventilators thus it can heat up a particular room.

Passive Solar Heating

This technology makes use of solar energy directly from the sun. There is no need of installing special panels for collecting the solar energy. Passive solar heating technology can be incorporated during the design of your house. This method can be implemented in houses which are to be constructed. It is important that you position your house in certain degrees such that it permits better penetration of sunlight on your house. You may not require the need for pumps for distributing the liquid. This system completely makes use of gravity to circulate water. This type of solar heating system is ideal for household requirements during the day. The passive solar heating system is most suited for areas where the temperature does not cause the liquid to freeze.

The above are the various types of solar water heater system and their working technology.

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